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Studio Flower Design has been working since 2000 under direction of Daniela Sedliská.

In the latest years we are working mainly on decorating representative interiors, such as hotels, restaurants, residences, as well as private houses and flats. We are ready to bring flower materials to the occasions of presentation of new products and for various special events. Our floristic servis is of high quality.


  • designs and decorations of interiors – cut flowers and pot plants
  • durable decorations from dried and preparated flowers and other exotic materials
  • periodic delivery and care about flowers and plants
  • flower decorations to the opportunities of business events and celebrations
  • full flower service of weddings, christening parties, garden parties etc.


  • trunks and their parts, decorative woods, sticks and stocks
  • lianas, exotic pot plants, extraordinery cut flowers, bizzare nature accessories
  • stones and other mineral accessories
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